Are you tired of rushing to the gym in the morning only to realise that you’ve forgotten half of your essentials at home? Or if you are one of the organised men/women out there, are you sick of your sports bag being a mess? Choosing the right gym bag to suit your needs is not always easy, let alone packing it correctly.

At PAKD, we know the pain that a lack of organisation in the morning brings; especially when you’ve got to pack for both a workout and the workplace. Our bags are designed to ensure that men are organised (for a change) and get the maximum use out of their everyday sports bags.

Here are some tips on how to organise your PAKD gym bag.

  1. Think about the essentials
    Like any other project, the first step is to face the beast. Pull out your gym bag and lay everything out. You need to think about the process from start to finish; that is, from your workout or gym to your workplace. The type of workout you do will determine exactly what you bring. If you go directly from a workout to the office or from the office to a workout, there can be multiple items you need to remember.

    Some of the key items that men heading pack in their sports bags are the following:

     - A towel
     - Work
     - clothes
     - Water bottle
     - Clean socks
     - A protein shakes
     - Workout equipment (a skipping rope, resistance bands)
     - Work shoes
     - Wallet
     - Phone
     - Brush
     - Laptop
     - Deodorant
     - Locker lock

    It looks like a lot, and it is. However, these are the crucial items that most men need when going from a workout to the office. Most sports bags do little to help with organisation. You can spend countless minutes searching for things in your bag while the clock is ticking away, and you end up rushing to work.

  2. Pack your bag by organising compartments
    The PAKD Ultimate Duffle Bag is designed with organisation in mind. This sports bag has multiple compartments to ensure that your mornings post-workout is stress-free.

    This sports duffle bag has four pockets for your gadgets and essentials like your wallet and phone. The adjustable divider ensures that you can separate items such as your wet clothes. There is also a spacious mesh side pocket.

    For the professional man who is heading to the office after a workout with his laptop, this sleekly designed sports bag has a padded laptop pocket which fits and protects your laptop (up to 15").

    The PAKD Ultimate Duffle Bag has a fully secured side access pocket to ensure that you find just what you are looking for.

    To avoid the build-up of odour, this sports bag has been designed with ventilation to prevent smells from lingering.

    Whether you’re travelling from training to work, sports games, weekend getaways or more, PAKD’s got you covered like no other.

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