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In 2022, Adrian Araouzou founded PAKDsport fueled by his passion for design and fashion. Being an active individual himself, he observed the rapid evolution of the industry as brands sought to meet the diverse needs of customers in terms of comfort and convenience. While on a quest to find sport accessories that seamlessly combined functionality with style to simplify his own active lifestyle, Adrian encountered a significant challenge.

He discovered that locating products offering a harmonious blend of style, quality, and functionality was exceptionally difficult. These bags not only lacked in aesthetics but also failed to provide the required level of convenience, causing more stress and inconvenience in daily activities.

PAKDsport's mission is clear—to craft bags that enhance the ease of everyday life while ensuring a boss-like appearance. The brand believes that individuals should not have to compromise style for high-quality sport accessories. To achieve this, PAKDsport invested two years in meticulously engineering each product, striving to deliver ultimate sport accessories that stand out in the market.

Situated in Sydney, Australia, PAKDsport is not just a brand; it's a commitment to providing innovative, stylish, and functional sport accessories to a global audience.

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